My article on Atlantis has been published in the archaeological journal "Antiquity", Vol. 78, No. 300


1. Curriculum Vitae
1.1. Personal Data
1.2. Education
1.3. Reviewer Service
1.4. Special Abilities
2. Publication List
3. My Most Important Works
3.1. The Second Kind of Light
3.2. The Rotating Universe
3.3. Atlantis in Andalusia
4. Reports About My Atlantis Work
4.1. Reports in Popular Scientific Magazines
4.2. Reports in Magazines
4.3. Reports in Newspapers
4.4. Reports in Radio and Television
4.5. Reports in Books

1. Curriculum Vitae:

1.1. Personal Data: 

Name:Rainer Walter Kühne
Born:May 23, 1970 in Braunschweig, Germany
Marital Status:single





1.2. Education: 

08/1976 -- 07/1980:Grundschule in Braunschweig
08/1980 -- 07/1982:Orientierungsstufe in Braunschweig
08/1982 -- 05/1989:Gymnasium Martino-Katharineum in Braunschweig,
 Examination: Abitur (maturity)
06/1989 -- 08/1990:Military Service in Celle and Wesendorf,
 Highest degree: Obergefreiter
10/1990 -- 10/1995:Studies of physics at Bonn University,
 Examination: Diploma in Physics
04/1996 -- 03/2000:Studies of physics at Wuppertal University
04/2000 -- 07/2001:Studies of physics at Dortmund University,
 Examination: PhD in Physics (Dr. rer. nat.)
04/2002 -- 03/2003:SAP R/3 Application-Development, Release 4.6B,
 at Dekra-Akademie Wuppertal
08/2002:Examination: Sun-Certificate Java 2 Platform 1.2

1.3. Reviewer Service:

I acted as a reviewer for the following scientific journals: 

1991:Physics Letters A
 (editor: Professor Peter Holland)
1998:International Journal of Modern Physics E
 (editor: Professor Dharam Ahluwalia)
 (editor: Professor Valeri Dvoeglazov)
2003:Relativity, Gravitation, Cosmology

(editor: Professor Valeri Dvoeglazov)

2004:Relativity, Gravitation, Cosmology

(editor: Professor Augusto Espinoza-Garrido)

2006: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A
2007: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A

1.4. Special Abilitites:

Languages:German, English, French
Informatics:Fortran, C, Java, Latex, Unix, Microsoft-Products 

2. Publication List:

1. R. W. Kühne, Cold Fusion: Pros and Cons, Physics Letters A 155, 467-472 (1991).

2. R. W. Kühne, Possible Explanations for Failures to Detect Cold Fusion, Physics Letters A 159, 208-212 (1991).

3. R. W. Kühne, The Possible Hot Nature of Cold Fusion, Fusion Technology 25, 198-202 (1994).

4. R. W. Kühne and R. E. Sioda, An Extended Micro Hot Fusion Model for Burst Activity in Deuterated Solids, Fusion Technology 27, 187-189 (1995).

5. R. W. Kühne, On the Cosmic Rotation Axis, Modern Physics Letters A 12, 2473-2474 (1997).

6. R. W. Kühne, A Model of Magnetic Monopoles, Modern Physics Letters A 12, 3153-3159 (1997).

7. R. W. Kühne, Gauge Theory of Gravity Requires Massive Torsion Field, International Journal of Modern Physics A 14, 2531-2535 (1999).

8. R. W. Kühne, Time-Varying Fine-Structure Constant Requires Cosmological Constant, Modern Physics Letters A 14, 1917-1922 (1999).

9. R. W. Kühne and U. Löw, Thermodynamical Properties of a Spin-1/2 Heisenberg Chain Coupled to Phonons, Physical Review B 60, 12125-12133 (1999).

10. R. W. Kühne, Response to ``Strange Behavior of Tritiated Natural Water'', Fusion Technology 37, 265-266 (2000).

11. C. Raas, U. Löw, G. S. Uhrig, and R. W. Kühne, Spin-Phonon Chains with Bond Coupling, Physical Review B 65, 144438 (2002).

12. R. W. Kühne, Review of Quantum Electromagnetodynamics, Electromagnetic Phenomena 3, 86-91 (2003).

13. R. W. Kühne, Possible Observation of a Second Kind of Light, in: Has the Last Word Been Said on Classical Electrodynamics?, Eds.: A. Chubykalo, A. Espinoza, R. Smirnov-Rueda, and V. Onoochin (Rinton Press, Paramus, 2004, ISBN 1-58949-036-3), pp. 335-349. 

14. R. W. Kühne, Cartan's Torsion: Necessity and Observational Evidence, in: Relativity, Gravitation, Cosmology: New Development, Eds. Valeri Dvoeglazov and Augusto Espinoza Garrido (Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2004, ISBN 1-59033-981-9), pp. 37-42.

15. R. W. Kühne, A Location for "Atlantis"?, Antiquity, 78, 300 (2004).

16. R. W. Kühne: "Did Ulysses Travel to Atlantis?" in : "Science and Technology in Homeric Epics" (ed. S. A. Paipetis), Series: History of Mechanism and Machine Science, Vol. 6, (Springer, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-4020-8783-7).

A PDF-version of my dissertation is available online via:

3. My Most Important Works:

3.1. The Second Kind of Light:

My theory ( Ref. 6 ), is a generalization of quantum electrodynamics (QED). QED was introduced in 1948 by the Nobel laureates Richard Feynman, Julian Schwinger, and Sin-Itiro Tomonaga. My theory  is a generalization of QED. It includes both electric and magnetic charges (Dirac monopoles), Einstein's electric photon and Salam's magnetic photon. The essential new concept of my theory is the introduction of velocity coupling. This is a new kind of tensor coupling between fermions and bosons.

The possible discovery of the second kind of light (magnetic photon rays) has been published in the book ``Has the last word been said on classical electrodynamics?''. This book is edited by Drs. Andrew Chubykalo, Vladimir Onoochin, Roman Smirnov-Rueda, and Augusto Espinoza. It has been published by the scientific publishing house Rinton Press. Information on this book is available online via

3.2. The Rotating Universe:

The rotation axes of the galaxies of the Perseus-Pisces supercluster are aligned. This alignment exists over a distance of at least 40 Mpc (130 million light years). Such a large alignment cannot be explained within the framework of conventional models of galaxy-formation. Therefore I suggested in Ref. 5 that this alignment is either a topological defect (torsion wall) or a remnant of the original aligned distribution of galactic rotation axes generated by a rotating universe. My interpretation of this structure as a torsion wall or as an effect of a rotating universe has attracted the interest of many physicists.

For further information please see:
S. Capozziello, G. Iovane, G. Lambiase, and C. Stornaiolo, Europhys. Lett. 46, 710 (1999).
S. Capozziello, G. Lambiase, and C. Stornaiolo, Ann. Phys. (Leipzig) 10, 713 (2001).
A. I. Arbab, Spacetime & Substance 2 (7), 55 (2001).
S. Carneiro and G. A. Mena Marugan, Phys. Rev. D 64, 083502 (2001).
C. M. Chen, T. Harko, and M. K. Mak, Phys. Rev. D 63, 104013 (2001).
C. M. Chen, T. Harko, W. F. Kao, and M. K. Mak, Nucl. Phys. B 636, 159 (2002).

3.3. Atlantis in Andalusia:

I argued that part of Plato's Atlantis report is not only philosophical fiction, but includes historical elements.

(1) Plato's description of the Athenian acropolis resembles the Mycenaean acropolis of the end of the 13th century BC.

(2) The war between Atlantis and the Eastern Mediterranean countries resembles that of the Sea Peoples around 1200 BC.

(3) The geography and culture of the city of Atlantis resembles the Iron Age city of Tartessos around 1100 - 550 BC.

My article about Atlantis in Andalusia is published as:
R. W. Kühne, "A location for Atlantis?", Antiquity 78, 300 (2004).
It is available online via:

I posted the text of the original version of this article on my homepage:

My second article about Atlantis in Andalusia is published as:

R. W. Kühne: "Did Ulysses Travel to Atlantis?" in : "Science and Technology in Homeric Epics" (ed. S. A. Paipetis), Series: History of Mechanism and Machine Science, Vol. 6, (Springer, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-4020-8783-7).

For a longer account on my work on Atlantis please see:

4. Reports about my Atlantis work:

Reports in Popular Scientific Magazines: 

Scientific American

National Geographic

EARSEL Newsletter'04.pdf





4.2. Reports in Magazines:


Der Stern


Svenska Magasinet


4.3. Reports in Newspapers:

(Daily) Telegraph

Daily Excelsior


The Epoch Times

Die Welt

Berliner Morgenpost

Hamburger Abendblatt

Die Presse





El Mundo

El Pais (first report)

El Pais (second report) 



Aksam Gazetesi


Evenimentul Zulei

Bosanska Kostajnica





Wales Online






El Periodico de Aragon


La Voz de Galicia


Star Gazete


La Voz


El Periodico Mediterraneo


ABC (Spain)


4.4. Reports in Radio and Television:


ABC (Australia)

Radiotelevisione Italiana,9217,80336,00.html


BBC Mundo (first report)

BBC Mundo (second report)

Cesky Rozhlas

Radio Praha



Polskie Radio 

BBC Brasil (first report)


BBC Brasil (second report)


BBC Polish





4.5. Reports in Books:


Joel Levy: The Atlas of Atlantis and Other Lost Civilizations: The Complete Guide to the History and Wisdom of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and Other Ancient Civilizations. Godsfield Press, 2007.


Brian Haughton: Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge, and Ancient Mysteries. New Page Books, 2007 & Castle Books, 2008.


Brian Haughton: Verlorenes Wissen, verbotene Wahrheit: Die geheimen Mysterien der Weltgeschichte. Heyne, 2008.


Denise Rinaldo: Cities of the Dead: Finding Lost Civilizations (24/7: Science Behind the Scenes). Franklin Watts, 2008.


John Gill: Andalucia: A Cultural History (Landscapes of the Imagination). Signal Books, 2008 & Oxford University Press, 2008. 

Further Works: 

My old Atlantis preprints and articles (1987-1993) are now available at the homepage of Thorwald Franke:

click on: Ein Download-Center mit wissenschaftlichen und anderen Papern

then scroll to: Sammlung Rainer Kühne

Rainer Kühne, preprint version (1987) of "Plädoyer für Atlantis", Ancient Skies (1989), Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 3-8

The Ancient Skies issue 1/1989 which includes my first Atlantis article "Plädoyer für Atlantis" can be ordered via:

acceptance of this article by Erich von Däniken, (1987):

letter of Jürgen Spanuth to Rainer Kühne, january (1991)

reason for this letter was my book typescript (1989):
Rainer Kühne, "Auf den Spuren der Götter", unpublished typescript, excerpt:

rejectance of this book typescript by Econ-Verlag (1989):

Rainer Kühne, "The Quest for Historical Elements in Plato's Critias", unpublished article (1992)

rejectance of this article by the archaeological journal "Hesperia" (1992):

rejectance of this article by the archaeological journal "Antiquity" (1992):

Rainer Kühne, "Die Datierung von Atlantis", Independent Science No. 1 (1993), p. 4f. and p. 31

Further Atlantis articles authored by me are:

Lage und Datierung von Atlantis (2003)

Atlantis in der wissenschaftlichen Literatur (2004)

A location for "Atlantis"? (2004)

Die Entdeckung von Atlantis - ein Erlebnisbericht (2004)

Atlantis: Historical Elements in the Fictitious Tale (2005)

Historical Elements in Plato's Atlantis Tale (2007)

My 17 physics preprints (9 of them published in scientific journals or books) can be found here:



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